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With Ham Radio around the world ...


2002 On Baker Island with K1B team

Sunset on Baker Island,Central Pacific

With K1B team

3D2CI/CY: Setting up the antennas on Conway Reef 2001

ZT6T - WPX CW 2004 Contest site, South of Johannesburg


N3CZ QSL card

Chaos at ZS6MG... before moving to USA, Oct 2004

Operating ZS10JUN station, Day of Portugal 2004

ZS6MG's Ham radio shack....

60ft tower at N3CZ's QTH with 3 ele SteppIR on top

At one of the ZS6DDX meetings with ZS6HWC,ZS6EGB...

Antennas at C8A/C91A Silvano's QTH Maputo Mozambique

Operating as C8A in CQ WPX CW 2003 Maputo Mozambique

With my friend Willie, ZS6AEA at his home in Pretoria

Chinese in Nadi, Fiji 2002

Home made eclairs

At Emil's place in Johannesburg ZS6EGB now in YB - Land

Johannesburg Botanical Garden

On Safari in South Africa....ZS6MG/m....

...with my family

At SARL,Johannesburg ...with ZS5Y,ZS6WB,ZR2DX (now ZS2EZ),ZS6GJH,Gillies,Craig...

On Conway Reef ,setting the antennas with N6TQS,YU1NR,YU1DX and YU1AU

V55V Team 2003: ZS6EGB,V51E and ZS6MG

With YZ1SS,Sloba, at my QTH in Johannesburg

My friend Kosie,V51E (now SK) in Outjo Namibia 2004

My Oscar-40 Downlink antenna for 2.4GHz

V55V: Oscar 40 Station setup at V51E QTH

V55V 2003: 14MHz 5 element full size yagi (V51E QTH)

ZS6MG: "..QRZ contest Victor Five Five Victor.." CQ WW SSB 2003